La Bretonne, producer of the Prince de Bretagne brand

CERAFEL member

La Bretonne, member of the Prince de Bretagne brand

The Cooperative La Bretonne is an independent cooperative and member in the CERAFEL Producer Organization Association (PDO).

La Bretonne, a guarantee of quality

All our producers respect very strict regulations and high-quality requirements : 


Our guarantees : 

  • Fresh Breton vegetables solely
  • Vegetables harvested mainly by hand and packed on farms in priority
  • Shipment of vegetables on harvest day or the following morning
  • Respect of the seasons
  • Great care in the choice of varieties and packaging.


An incredible area of production

The excellence of its products, which benefit from the expertise of our producers and the ideal conditions offered by the land on the northern coast of Brittany:

  • Temperate oceanic climate
  • Sunning
  • Land quality





ZI de Kervent - Rue Hervé Mesguen
29250 Saint Pol de Léon

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